MasterCard Accepting Online Casinos

MasterCard Casinos for US Players

The popularity of online casinos is growing by leaps and bounds per day. With all of the new media attention drawn to the topic by Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey’s legalization and regulation of US-based online casinos, it’s no wonder that more and more are becoming interested in the form of entertainment. With online gaming, players will need to have a way to make online casino transactions. This is where several companies are stepping in to take the business in that area. For USA online casinos, players will typically only have a few different options that are available including; credit cards and debit cards such as MasterCard.

When it comes to gaming online, players will have several steps to complete prior to actually making a deposit, one of those would be to sign up for an account and send in the necessary documents via fax. Like signing up for a new bank account online, players will need to verify their identity. With online casinos, players will need to verify treat they are the card owner by sending in a front and back copy of the card as well as their photo ID. This helps to combat false transactions as well as under aged gaming. This is a standard procedure in pretty much all MasterCard Casinos.

MasterCard is a trusted source by USA online casinos as well as the players who use their service, the company has been in business since 1966 and is headquartered in Purchase New York. When stacking up against Visa, it really comes down to personal preference. Many players will have both accounts in their wallet but will choose one or the other when it comes to online casino transactions.

Players who have been utilizing MasterCard casinos have been since the early 90’s. At one point, in 2006 players were unable to use their credit card or debit card accounts until 2011 when the UIGEA was lifted for the United States. Players during that time needed to turn to their only resort, eWallets which are services like PayPal where players would initiate transfers from their bank account into the eWallet where they will then request their funds to be placed into the casino account from their eWallet. So as you can see, players now have it much easier by using MasterCard.

With the legalization and regulation of gambling from specific states, players will still use their MasterCard debit card or credit card to fund their online casino accounts. Just simply put in your account number as well as the expiration date and the transaction will behave just as it would when making an online purchase.

The following casinos accept deposit by Credit Card: