Deckmedia Affiliate Program Review

Deckmedia has the best media for you to share

The first thing I noticed when landing on the deck affiliate page was that it was straight to the point. Zero fluff, just bam! You get this, this, this, and that. I kind of liked that in a way because it was concise and no beating around the bush. It was a good set up. And it didn’t look like it was set up in five seconds; it had that clean and professional look.


Once I had signed up the first thing that struck me was the relaxing colour scheme. I don’t know about you but I’m very much a fan of pastel colours and I was met with a nice pastel green and white theme.

The information when inside was lengthy. I was presented with a welcome page that had everything I needed, including my sales statistics (which obviously because I had only just signed up it was empty). It didn’t take long before I went out in search for the media to fill my site with.

I was really impressed with what Deckmedia had to offer in terms of engaging your audience. They had something that I’ve never seen before. Media kits. All I needed to do was download them to my computer and use them for my promotional purposes. For instance, if I wanted to promote my favourite slots on my blog I could use their completely done for you pictures and reviews. It was quite impressive.

But not only that they had a whole range of other marketing materials as well. They had done for you articles, emails, and a whole range of marketing audience targeting strategies that were completely done for you. I was so impressed I just had to write about it also. Just please make these your own otherwise google will flag them as copies. I’m sure you won’t be the only one that’s thought to post them as is.

There were also the bog standard marketing adverts that can be found after clicking on the marketing materials section. I’ll be honest and say that I liked these. They were clean, fresh, and had a professional look to them. They also had a really nice section where I could filter between sizes which made setting up posts for my blog easier.

One thing Deckmedia lacked was a dedicated support system. There was one there of course but it wasn’t in your face. I’d have liked to have seen something pop up at me instantly and say how can we help. I feel a little safer that way. Like they have a support section that’s inside. You have to sign up before you can access it. I’d have liked to be able to access support before I sign up. That way I can have a direct route before I sign up. I may have a few questions to ask. But that aside I did really like the look and feel of Deckmedia, and I will absolutely be giving their affiliate program a good hard push.