Cryptologic History
Famously known as one of the pioneers in the internet-based casino industry, Cryptologic began to officially operate in the midst of blossoming business in 1996. Upon its launching it functioned as an encryption company for certain technologically advanced internet-based software. Later on, when the company witnessed the strong potential of online gambling it began to divert its attention in casino software developing. Thus, it launched its first casino, InterCasino, within its first year as a software development company. In 1998, its software was legitimately enlisted on the trade industry of the Toronto Stock Exchange. After which, the company strengthened its online gambling approach and released several sites year after year.

Top Cryptologic Casino

Cryptologic Software
Cryptologic, as a software development company, easily penetrated the gambling scene and gained the patronage of a number of online players. Online casino reviews even point out that the company already has a distinct brand of games and feats. One of which is the multi-language facility, which was actually an original feature from the company that certain casinos and software developers copied later on. True enough during the early times of the internet-based gambling phenomenon, it was only Cryptologic that enabled gambling sites to utilize its multi-language facility for better communication and faster transaction processing. Later on, this paved the way for the development of the multi-language option. Other nifty tricks and feats that its software packs include: auto play, customized gaming, history tracking, and even avatar making.

Cryptologic Casinos
Cryptologic is not only home to a number of casinos, it is the genius behind world-class and highly commendable casinos in terms of design, interface, and even promotional feats. Its upgradeable system makes it easy to adapt modern advancements in the online casino industry. The competitive form gives off very nice and inviting impressions that modern-day players really adore. Cryptologic Casinos comprise Littlewoods Casino, Euro City Casino, Casino Joy, and its most recent addition to its products, VIP Casino. So far, VIP Casino runs the most promising gaming software amongst the four since it packs the most advanced display and audio components.

Cryptologic Games
Among all of the online casino development companies, Cryptologic is being regarded as the second largest supplier of internet-based gambling games. This is primarily because it consistently delivers about 20 games to its suite every single year. Its traditional games such as card and table games, video poker, and slots even gained high ratings from online casino reviews because of their innovative design and form factor. Since the dawn of time, the company focused more on creating a variety of slots. This lead to the company’s title of having the most branded slots in the entire business. Today, Cryptologic Casinos produced certain games that sprang from famous Marvel Characters such as Spiderman and the Hulk.

Cryptologic Reputation
Despite the tight competition in between an array of casino developers, Cryptologic managed to step up to the competition and even became one of the leading if not the leading company across the seven continents. This is mainly because the company has well established its name and the quality of its products upon its official launching. In addition, it has always shown its unwavering goal to outwit its previous self by coming up with more advanced games year after year. Hence, its efforts greatly paid off by receiving a couple of recognitions in terms of the quality of its software and the number of interest groups that continue to support it many years hence.