Moneybookers Casinos

moneybookers is an online ewallet from With moneybookers you will be able to transfer money into an accepting online casino.

Online casinos accepting moneybookers:

Below you will find a list of online casinos that accept moneybookers as a source to deposit, and withdrawal funds. With moneybookers, you are able to transfer the friends from your bank account, into your moneybookers account, and then into the online casino of your choice. The same method can be used to withdrawal your winnings from the online casino, simply transfer the funds from the online casinos, to your moneybookers account, then back into your bank account. Its as simple as that!

Moneybookers was one of the first online emoney issuers to be awarded an EML (electronic money licence) from FSA. In less then a decade moneybookers has changed how online payments are now made. Moneybookers widely trusted and accepted by everyone from Ebay to Online Casinos.
As more company’s move online, so does the money that funds them. Moneybookers is a real-time payment platform that is convenient, secure, and crucial in the world on online banking. Moneybooks was made not to restrict your lifestyle, but enhance it.
One of the great things about using moneybookers for online casinos, is that customers can send there payments any online casino without revealing any financial details to the 3ed party casino.