Submit a review

It’s always a good idea to check out some reviews before playing at a new casino. Have you played at a casino recently, and want to write a review about it? Now you can share your review with the world by placing your review article online. Share your review article with thousands of others searching for reviews before they make there next casino visit.

Below are some review submission suggestions to help make a great review.

Before you get started you may want to check out some of our previously written articles, to get an idea of the article format used.

  1. Make a judgement!
    Decide what you want to say about the casino overall. Write a short summary (Just a few lines) of the casino your reviewing. Then, provide the good and bad points of the casino you’re reviewing.

  2. Gather Evidence!
    Your review is like any good argument, you’ll want to back your claims up with evidence. This should be easy as your evidence will come directly from you, in the form of examples! Give examples to why you like or dislike this casino. What was unique about the casino? How was it compared to other casinos?

  3. Sum It All Up!
    Sum up your conclusions at the end of your casino review. This will bring closure to the article and reiterate your thoughts.

Your review should be between a 300-600 words, and Please use spell-check!