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A Casino Favorite: A favorite online casino among players for several different reasons, I’ll tell you why in the review below, but in short;

  • Top Gaming
  • Easy Bonuses
  • Fast Payout

Casino Max

While sifting through the sea of online casinos, in search of something new – I discovered Casino Max! This is one that was rolled out in 2017 and is one of the newest options available. At this casino, players have a variety of different options to choose from. Casino Max welcomes players who are 21 years of age or older, from the USA and many other countries. I like to play at online casinos because they’re quite different from the land based ones. One thing remains the same though, you can play fun games for real money either way. Here is what my experience looked like at Casino Max!

Getting Started

Since I hadn’t played at this casino before, I needed to sign up for an account. This part was really easy, I simply clicked the signup button and there, the form appeared to get started. The form asked for my information such as my name, address, phone number and email address. In order to log into the casino once I had logged out, of course a username and password needed to be registered. There were no further steps to be completed at the casino, all I needed to do next was to redeem my bonus code (in other cases, I’d make a deposit to be on my way to playing the games).

Bonus Code Redemption

I used google to find a bonus code, this was fairly easy. What happened next was not expected, I went to the cashier and I clicked on the “coupons” tab and then clicked “enter code” I submitted the code… but to my surprise it didn’t work. All of my anticipation basically went out the window at this point, but I decided to ask the chat support people what they thought about my issue. They told me that it was a part of their Sunday promotion (Today is Sunday, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work) but that they would give me the $20 in my account anyway (I guess they weren’t aware that it was Sunday, or maybe wherever they are – it isn’t Sunday) Okay great, now I have the free money in my account!

Game Play

Now that I have $20 to do whatever I want with, it’s time to choose a game. I browsed the library of games which I had seen before. This is a Real Time Gaming casino, my favorite! I love the games at this casino and others because when it comes to slots, I can play a small amount of money but still cover all of the lines. Some of the other casinos won’t allow you to play small bets instead, you’ll play larger bets which may max out what you’re willing to spend, meaning you won’t be able to cover enough lines to actually win big. At Casino Max, you can play either from an instant play or a downloadable casino option. I like to use the instant play dashboard however, if you decided to play with the downloadable casino, you’ll have the opportunity to play more games. I decided to stick with the slots games with the free money, I chose my favorite game because it’s usually pretty reliable.

  • Fuchi! – This is my favorite game, I love it because I’ve rarely gone too many spins without hitting a “big win” or triggering a bonus round. This game has a Chinese theme which is pretty nice to look at. The game is filled with lucky symbols so it’s based off of the combination of the symbols that are on the reels when you win. I like to play all 50 lines at $1.00 per spin. This is the only game where I’ve spun the reels at $25.00 per spin, I just don’t trust the other games like I do Fuchi. Another thing that I like about this game is, when you trigger a bonus, you’ll earn 15, 20 or 30 free spins with your wins doubled or tripled. At another casino, I ended up with over $1,100 from this game alone. Okay, that’s probably why it’s my favorite but it was the features that got me to that amount of money.

  • Banking I played with a $20 chip at this casino so I didn’t end up winning anything. I scored $11 off of Fuchi, but I didn’t bring home anything beyond that because I ended up spinning it all away. When you cash out with this casino, you can decide between either Bitcoin, or a check in the mail. A lot of times, players will choose Bitcoin because it’s anonymous, it’s fast and reliable. When players do choose a check in the mail, it can take weeks for it to arrive, and then you’ll need to go cash it at your bank. I used a bonus code for this session so I didn’t get to use the deposit screen, players who choose to make a deposit into this casino can do so by heading to the cashier screen and by clicking deposit. Then, you can see which deposit options are available to you in your country. For me, I could choose Bitcoin or Credit Card.

What I Liked About This Casino

Casino Max has a lot of really great qualities, my favorite was the ease of use. This casino was quick and easy from start to finish. One of the things that made it so easy was it’s seamless technology. The casino never had any glitches and the pages loaded super fast, this casino operates better than any other casino in this department. I also liked their game selection, it was great to see Real Time Gaming choices because those are a favorite of mine and many other players. I also felt like the bonuses were fair, I was given a $20 chip with a $200 max cashout, most casinos only give a $100 cashout with fees to cash that money out, making it really only $80 to cash out.

What I Disliked About This Casino

There isn’t much to say about this casino as far as negative points. I loved my experience here, I wish that I would have won some money but then again, I was only playing with $20.


Overall, this was a fun casino to play at, I really liked how quickly the pages loaded and the customer support. The agent who assisted me was very helpful and addressed my issue with the bonus code quickly. With other casinos, I have sat waiting for as long as 45 minutes which really cut into my playing time. So the quick response was very refreshing. I also thought it was nice that the agent comped me $20 even though I had the wrong bonus code. Though my playing time was short, I know that I will definitely play at this casino again.

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