War Rules

How to Play War

One of the easiest games a player can find is casino War. This is mainly because almost every has player has experienced the game at one point in their life especially during childhood. The main difference between childhood war & casino war is probably the money factor and a few rules. This game is played with two to ten people using six decks of 52 cards. The hands are ranked like poker hands with the exception of suites these don’t matter in this game.

The game begins with the player making their first wager. The dealer will then pass out the cards around the table, each player will receive one card and the dealer will receive one card. Each time a card is passed out the player will then compare theirs to the dealer’s hand to determine the winner. When the player’s card is higher, they are deemed the winner and wins even money. When the dealer’s card is higher they will win the bet & the player loses.

Sometimes in War there are ties, with ties there are two different routes to go. The first option doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to most. This is the option to forfeit the bet & walk away from the game. The second route is when the dealer & the player go to war. When choosing the option, it requires an additional bet for the same amount as the first bet on the table. The dealer hands out three cards face down for himself and for the player. The last card will be face up for both the dealer and the player. If the last face up card wins for the player, they’ll earn even money on the raise and the original wager will push, if the dealer’s card whins the player loses both bets.

War is a very fast paced game like Blackjack, so if you haven’t played it before online casinos are great places to test out your hand. The game is simply about pure luck which is another reason why it grabs such a big crowd. Those who are feeling lucky head right for games like this versus typical casino games of skill like poker but because it’s so fast paced, players might want to try the game at their own pace online. Some online casinos offer a fun twist to the game where players are allowed to make an additional bet that the next hand in the game will be a tie between the dealer and the player. This is called a “tie bet” this bet is just a fun little twist in the game, most professional gamblers are against side bets and progressive bets like this one because the odds are against the player.

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