How to Play Slots

How to Play Slots

Slots are easily the most played games in casinos. How is this so easy to discover? The next time you’re in a casino, take a look around. You will find hundreds of different slots gaming choices with buzzing and beeping with people jumping for joy or scowling in defeat. Slots are for anyone really as they range from one penny to high limits. Some players prefer a table game to apply their skill to, however since slots appeal to all audiences, almost everyone sits down at a slots game every time they visit a casino. Many casinos have an 80% ratio of slots, table games usually offer higher winnings to it’s players but in most cases players feel that this type of gaming is intimidating.

Many of the slots available are penny and nickel slots. This is great for those who grab a handful of change and hit the casino in search for some winnings! Many other denominations are also available up to the hundreds! Video slots are the newest type of slots which feature as many as 50 different pay lines which make many more options for payouts. The main difference between the video slots and reel slots is that reel slots have one line painted across the glass which is the winning payline. Some reel slots have 3 reels others have more.

How are there so many different types of slots available? Video slots now have come with many different themes often times you will find famous movie variations of slots games such as The Hangover, Sex and the City and many more. These types of games will have different icons that are relatable to the movie for a more thrilling experience. The casino also features some gaming machines that offer a bonus round which can land the player big bonuses.

One major type of slots are progressive slots. This type offers players the ability to earn a jackpot as large as six figures. These types of slots don’t require a player to do anything different but the difference is that the slots are hooked up to one gaming pool where a number of other progressive slots are all hooked up to the same pool. Once the time comes for a winner, at random one machine is selected and that lucky player wins the jackpot!

There is little difference between video slots in a casino and online slots. This is due to the fact that video slots in the casino now do not ask the player to pull the handle, some slots are video touch screen and others have buttons. In some cases, depending on who makes the software for land based casino slots, you may even be able to find your favorites in the casinos online! Some players prefer online gaming because they are under 21 and there are no close casinos to their home that welcome players at 18 and some online casinos do. Online casinos typically offer it’s players a better amount of promotions, land based casinos will offer a free buffet or some money to play with. The difference here is that many different online casinos will offer a deposit match bonus.

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