Face Up 21 Rules

Face Up 21 Rules

Face Up 21 is a part of the Blackjack family however, the rules are fairly different. The game is still considered a 21 game because the object of this game is to reach 21 without going over. For those who aren’t familiar with Blackjack or any of the 21 games, I’ll start from the beginning. Card values are very important to know, cards 2 through 10 are given points based on the number on the card. Jacks, Queens & Kings are worth 10 points and Aces can be used as a 1 or a 10 depending on the cards in your hand. Basically the player will want to get 21 points or as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer is working to obtain the same goal as you, the person with the higher rank closer to 21 is the winner! In Face Up 21 you’ll hear different terms throughout the game. Some important terms to understand are:

Bust: When the player or the dealer goes over 21

Stand: When the player has a hand they don’t want to add more cards to because they are close to 21 already.

Hit: When the player would like another card from the dealer on their turn. This is typically when the player has less than 16 points on hand.

Double: When the player would like another card and has high hopes that they will win the hand without a bust, this is called a double down. The player will place an additional wager and ask for another card.

Split: The player will have a pair in their hand, in the game of Blackjack the player is able to split those hands and place a second ante bet for the new hand. The first hand comes first the player will hit until they are satisfied and then the next hand is played.

Blackjack: Ace & 10 Card.

The major difference between Face Up 21 and Blackjack is that there is no “hole” card, this means that in this game when the cards are dealt all of them are face up.. always. In this game the Dealer must stand on a hard 17 or more and any soft 18 or more. The dealer must also hit on any hard 16 or less and a soft 17 or less. Instead of ending a tie in a push in the game of Face Up 21, the dealer wins the bet. When a player would like to double down, they will need to do this on the first two cards total 9 10 or 11.

The game begins when the player makes their wager, the dealer from there deals a card to himself, and goes around the table from the left passing out one card & then goes around a second time passing out a second card to each player face up. In some casinos they allow player to surrender their cards and leave the game. This is the time to decide if that is something the player would like to do. If not, the game continues and the winner is determined. Online casino usa offers many different forms of Face Up 21.

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