Blue Bet - Multi-player blockchain casino games

Blue Bet - Multi-player blockchain casino games

  • Gambling Dapp: BlueBet
  • Blockchain: EOS
  • Accepted Tokens: EOS
  • Wallet Login: Scatter
  • Available Games:
    • Banker Bull
    • Baccarat
    • Texas Hold’Em
    • Black Jack
    • Caribbean Poker
    • PowerBall

Blue Bet is an online entertainment source that is blockchain-based. It is one of the highest rated dapps and makes the top 10 list on charts across the internet. Blue Bet is an online casino that allows players to bask in the glory of the latest technology for gaming and banking around. If you’re tired of the same old online casinos, this is the place to be. Taking a walk around the Blue Bet website, you’ll see that overall this looks like a traditional casino, but further into the review you’ll understand that there is much more to be offered here and why it ranks highly among players. Since this isn’t your traditional casino, you’ll have a tab at the top of the screen which is titled “Course & Help” this is where you can learn about the casino, how to use it and why it was created differently than other real money online casinos.

How it Works in Short;

Registration - The registration process is quite easy to tackle, you can either use you EOS account or you can register for a BLUE account. If you choose to use EOS, just make sure to install it after the EOS wallet can be logged in on the site.

Deposit - To transfer funds from your wallet to the casino, you’ll charge the platform address and use digital currency to convert the EOS token.

Play - Choose a game of your choice and simply begin playing with the funds that have been transferred.

Cashout - Simply request that your funds be withdrawn to the EOS user address.


Jumping right in, we’ll talk about the banking options that are available. Normally when I review a casino, I talk about this somewhere toward the end, because it is a bit boring since most online casinos are the same. But this one, this one is very different. You see, this casino is linked up with cryptocurrency (BLUE and EOS.) This means that you’ll never need to make a deposit like you have previously using your credit card or waste your time waiting for a withdrawal. A common issue with online casinos is that they give out big money in promotions, with strict playthrough requirements. Then, the players win and after that.. A waiting period begins. At some casinos the waiting period could be 60 days or more depending upon the win size and how long it takes the casino to verify the winnings. This is a red flag for most players and is undesirable in most cases. So, casinos like Blue Bet are being created which are attached to coins and wallets where there is no verification process, and the funds appear immediately during game play more like what you would experience in a land based casino.


Blue Bet offers players a full gaming library with many different table games options which include; Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, PowerBall, Slots and Roulette. When playing the games, you’ll be able to utilize the software right through your browser window without the need to download a thing. Choosing a game is part of the fun, you’ll find a list of the different available games on the main page of the website, and the neat thing about this casino is that you can go into each of the different games and see how it looks before putting down any money. You can also observe the games, as long as you’d like, this is great for those who want to watch some live gaming action as their form of entertainment.

Shareholder Information & Customer Support

Unlike other casino types, this casino allows you to have some ownership, and all players are shareholders. As you play, you’ll earn more tokens. The more tokens you have, the more opportunities you’ll have with extra dividends, voting and transactions. When it comes to reaching out to the customer support representatives with a question, you can reach them over telegram, potato or email. Customer service is available from 9:00 - 22:00 UTC.


Overall, this casino is known for being a transparent option for players who want to keep track of their winnings. This casino operates in a way that allows players to have a big part in what they play, when they play and the funds that they are utilizing for the casino. The casino was created with the community in mind, players are encouraged to participate in the voting and this can be done by earning tokens which come with voting rights. So, as you can see, this casino is full of perks that don’t always come with an online casino, but are sought after by the players who are invested in their gaming experience beyond just the typical need for entertainment.

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