Ace Revenue Affiliate Program Review

Ace Revenue Review. My Thoughts

So, I was asked to Review Ace Revenue today and I’m glad I did. I had no idea mainstream casinos had affiliate programs. In my craziness I assumed that some online casinos grew so large that affiliate programs were a thing of the past for them. But here we are, reviewing ace revenue in all its grandeur.


Okay, so first of all I really liked its setup. I generally like clean and professional layouts. I don’t know about you but the more professional a setup looks then the safer I will feel – especially if it’s not making any grandiose claims, which it’s not.

Being a Casino affiliate at Ace Revenue is pretty cool. Not only do I get to collect 40% revenue for life as a new member, but anyone that wins and leaves, (yeah, sometimes I’m guilty of doing that) you won’t be charged for their quick hit and run – so no negative balance. I liked that because I’ve always worried about being a Casino affiliate – sometimes people walk away with more than they earn. So this is good news.

Inside the website was cool also. I had everything I needed at all times. And I never showed you this, but I had an on-case manager. So, if I needed any help with what I was needing then he would have been there at my beckon call. If you succeed, then they succeed. Does that make sense? It’s always good to have a case manager to help. There were banners that I could just copy and paste right onto my website. And when people click-through those links in the banners, sign up and deposit some cash, then I (and you, if you use it) get a nice cut of the deposit. And every future deposit too I read. 40% for life. I don’t know about you but that seemed pretty mouth-watering to me. There weren’t just banners there though there was also text links, so you could link in the text to whatever you are writing at the time. I found this pretty useful because if I’m trying to write a post about a casino then a big banner ad would be slightly painful added in after a line space. So absolutely handy.

Don’t get caught up with all the zero’s in your reports when you first start. I tend to do that. When I first start up somewhere I get really excited and then see my reports full of zeros and get a bit downhearted at the task of sending people in, and how long that might take me. But actually, it shouldn’t take that long if you have an interested audience in the first place. For sure!

I also found there was plenty of places that I could share my link. On my blog, on social media, on Pinterest. It was quite easy after I got the hang of it. So getting the people in eventually wasn’t a big job at all.