Top Game Opens New Online Casino

As we all know, lotto is a very popular game that may communities and societies delight over during social gatherings and in certain events revolving around a club or a certain gambling place. Because of the desirable and quite catchy environment and promotional exploits of the game, many players are hooked up in enjoying every second of playing the aforementioned game. Because of the undeniable magnetic force that lotto has in luring a lot of players, Top Game, one of the pioneering and leading developers, finally opened and launched its latest online slot casino: Lotto Mania. Lotto Mania is a high quality 25 pay lines slot game that is operating and performing live in select Top Game casinos such as Mona Casino, Rome Casino, as well as Diceland Casino.

Following the online slots framework of its predecessors and earlier versions from Top Game, Lotto Mania is a delightful package of features and applications all the same. Lotto players are believed to belong to the highest paying sector of the gambling industry. Inside the game, the old lady as well as the piggy bank symbols offers the highest payout amounting to 8,000 coins. In addition to this, the game is nothing short of fun and exciting. As a matter of fact, a girl is shown to wad countless bills of cash while there is another girl dressed to kill anything that gets in her way. In addition to this, there is also an image of a cool dude who seems to show some disinterest in playing lotto than in flirting around. Several numbered balls are then used as symbols for the other lotto numbers. Payout begins after the appearance of two aligned numbers from both sides of the pay lines. Thus, payouts come quick and easy in Lotto Mania for every player who aspires to enjoy rapid and reliable payout service.

Another thing to notice is the piggy bank, which actually serves as a wild symbol. It is a substitute element for all of the other symbols found in this site except for the bonus and scatter symbols of the site. If in case it appears to suffice in coming up with a winning combination, gold begins to appear and forcibly shower in the place. O the other hand, when at least three scatter symbols begin to show, the bottle image is opened or uncorked and the free spins bonus is activated for its players. Three scatter symbols entitle one for 5 free spins, 4 scatter symbols give away at least 10 free spins, while 5 scatter symbols simply leads to 20 free spins reward.

In addition to the aforementioned signs and display of the page, there are still other symbols such as the balls as the bonus symbol for lotto cage. Numbers and letters are drawn through this mechanism. In so doing, a virtual hostess will instruct one to contain the game until he gets more bonuses and perks. Each player is entitled to drawing at least five balls. These balls are of different colors, each representing a certain function or bonus points. If three bonus points have been triggered by the player in between all of his exploits, he gets to earn 10 to 100 points. Four bonus symbols then trigger a different game that is entitled of giving await 50 and 5000 points to the winner.