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Vegas Crest Casino Review

I recently had some time to play the games at Vegas Crest Casino. There is a lot to be said about this casino. Overall, I think it’s a fun place to play with gorgeous games, but ultimately I didn’t walk away with any wins and that was after I used two bonus codes and deposited $50 of my own money via Bitcoin. Here is how my experience was at Vegas Crest Casino.

Getting Started

When I first logged onto this casino’s website, I noticed that I could not find the banking information anywhere on the website.I realized that I had to create an account before I could see the website in its entirety. Registering for an account was pretty simple, I clicked the register button and from there a registration form appeared on my screen. There, I selected a screen name, password and also entered my contact information like my real name, phone number and address. Even if you’re using Bitcoin, it’s important to add your real contact information because it will need to be verified before cashing out any winnings.

Making a Deposit

There are several ways to make a deposit at Vegas Crest, I chose to use Bitcoin. When making a deposit this way, it does say that it can take up to 15 minutes for the funds to become available, but mine were added to my casino bank account within seconds. To use Bitcoin to make a deposit, first you will choose if you’ll use a promotion or if you will just play with your own money. This time, I wasn’t using a promotion so I clicked the option “without promotion.”


There are several promotional options available at this casino. One that I took advantage of was the Facebook Free spins promotion. This was cool because all I had to do was like the Facebook page for Vegas Crest Casino. Once that had been done, the Free Spins were awarded on the slot game “Thunderbird” I did have to make a deposit before the free spins would be awarded though. I spoke with chat briefly and asked if they could add the spins to my account and within seconds, I had the reels going. I also used a no-deposit bonus code here for $25, this was easy to redeem. At Vegas Crest Casino, there is a dashboard of easily accessible links and I surprisingly used quite a few of them. The one necessary to redeem bonus codes is called “Code Promotions.” I simply put in my code and from there, I was able to play fun slot games. The wagering requirement for that game was $421 meaning that I needed to play for $421 to win any of the funds, which I didn’t but it was still very fun.


I loved the games at this casino, they were bright and vibrant, easy to play and to get the hang of. What I didn’t like is that the games didn’t allow me to play all of the lines with a small bet. Instead, they only allowed me to play a minimum of $0.10 per line on 30 lines. I prefer to play games at a low amount across all lines, I feel like the odds are better that way. This casino offers more than 700 different games across multiple providers. Here is some information about the few games that I played;

  • Popinata – I loved everything about the way this game looked, the icons were cute and the music was quite festive. At one point, I won $50 and then another $20 and two bonus rounds which were a total bust. I didn’t win anything off of those. I also didn’t land any free spins which was quite disappointing.

  • Blackjack Vegas Strip Version – This was an awesome game to play, it was the most realistic form of Blackjack that this casino offers. It does operate like your typical game, but it doesn’t have a bunch frills or colors like some of the newer Blackjack games have.

  • Top Card Trumps – This was my favorite game out of the three that I’ve played. It was very simple, with one click of a button you’re either up or down. You simply select how much you want to bet and click deal. From there, the casino deals a card and whoever has the higher card is the winner. This game is essentially just like the game of War. I won a few hands but didn’t end up walking away with any brag-worthy winnings.

Customer Support

The customer support at Vegas Crest Casino is lightning fast. The casino also makes a sound whenever the chat operator has responded. Some of the other online casinos don’t have this and I always forget that I was even talking to someone if they take too long to respond. I liked the chat here, the agent was polite and responsive, exactly what an agent should be like.

What I liked about the casino

This was a great casino to play at, I wished that I had won some money, maybe next time though. I liked that the chat was very fast and that the games were modern and updated. I think the layout of the casino was very nice because it was intuitive. I used Bitcoin to make a deposit which I really liked as well because it was fast and easy.

What I didn’t like about the casino

I did not like how the games were a little bit more expensive to play. I prefer the 1 cent per line games. Here, I could only find 10 cent per line games. I didn’t want to deviate from my betting strategy so I ended up playing only 10 lines at a time so that I was still only betting $1 per spin.


I think Vegas Crest Casino is a great option for players who are looking to get into some online gaming. This casino offers a great deal of game selections and easy deposit options. Will I play here again? Probably – I say this because it bothered me that I had to play only 10 lines at a time to equal $1 each spin. I could see on the lines that there was opportunity for more wins on the lines that weren’t played and that didn’t sit well with me. Other than that, I think the game Top Card Trumps is a fun way to make some extra money if you play your cards right.

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