Online Gambling Questions and Answers

Q: Is it safe to gamble online?
A: I haven’t gambled online and with any transaction I like to research it before I start a transaction. How safe is online gambling?

Q: Where can you find a current list of the best online casinos?
A: Each year at the casino chat we do a best online casinos of list. You can find the best online casinos of 2012 and 2013 here: and My personal favorite is Lucky Red as they have won best online casino the past 3 years in a row.

Q: Does online gambling present a greater risk of addiction or abusive gambling behavior then land based casino gambling?
A: Scientific evidence does not support the claim that online gambling has a greater risk of being addictive. Gambling at the online poker rooms and casino websites can be monitored or even blocked to better avoid problem gambling, while traditional land-based gambling lacks this feature.

Q: Are all online casinos scams or criminal companies?
A: While it is always be good to be carful and research anything before you buy online, Many online casinos are perfectly legal companies that are currently listed on stock exchanges around the world. For example Bwin Poker is currently listed on the Austrian exchange, while 32Red Casino and Party Poker are listed on the London Exchange.

Q: Are online casinos more likely to attract under-age gamblers than land based casinos?
A: Underage gambling has always been a concern with land-based casinos, but this has not been the same with online gambling. Online casinos have strict checks in place that prevent underage gambling. These checks include faxing in a gov’t issued photo ID, along with a utility bill that matches the card holders name and address.

Q: I was told that online casinos do not exist in parts of the world, is this true?
A: Yes, you can gamble at many reputable online casinos depending on the country they cater to. There is currently no federal law that prevents players from placing bets online, and as far as I know the only state that has adopted a state law making it illegal to visit an online casino is the state of WA. Always check your local and state laws to be sure, but most online casinos will simply not accept players from a banned jurisdiction.

Q: Are online casinos fair or unfair to bettors?
A: Online casinos are as fair as land based casinos. Online casinos are regulated in countries such as the UK, Australia, Ireland and Antigua. These regulations ensure that players are treated fairly. The games are also subject to random audits to ensure the games are completely honest as well. Many online casinos such as 32Red are publicly traded companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Q: It is legal to place bets onlines?
A:There is no federal law which makes the placement of a bet by a bettor illegal, and the majority of states have no law against online gambling at all; although the state of WA has made a state law to make online betting illegal in that state. Most online casinos will not allow you to gamble online from you state if it is banned. Also note that most online casinos will accept players age 18+, unlike land based casinos where you must be 21+.

Q: Are online casinos even capable of being regulated?
A: Yes it is very possible, and currently being done in most free markets. Online gambling is successfully regulated in several different countries around the world. Interestingly enough the State of Nevada currently permits and regulates online sports betting for its Nevada visitors and residents. Nevada is also in the process of regulations for other forms of online gambling as well, such as internet poker.

Q: Is the federal government opposed to online gambling, or gambling in general?
A: The U.S. federal government operates and owns casinos at military installations in many countries. As an owner-operators of casinos I would say that the government can not be said to be against gambling. As far as online gambling goes, I forsee it being licensed and regulated in the very near future, as online gambling would being a great source of income to the federal gov’t, something it desperately needs.

Q: How can we as players know what online casinos are legitimate and what ones are not??
A: There are many ways to find out if an online casino is legitimate. Regulatory organizations such as IGC and the Ecogra have been set up and established to ensure online casinos meet industry standards. You may also visit sites such as TheCasinoChat to help as a guide to legit casinos, and players can always use Google search to ensure the site is reputable.

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