Soboba Casino

Minimum age: 21+
Safe & Fair: Yes
Location: 23333 Soboba Rd. San Jacinto, CA 92583
Phone Number: (951) 665-1000

Soboba Casino – Review:

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Soboba Casino is located in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains, it’s a hidden little casino built in 1995, down a long & windy road out in the middle of nowhere. It is one of the last casinos built in a tent-like structure.  
Dining at Soboba Casino.. is one of the worst by far. Most people say bring a sack lunch which will probably taste better. Soboba has two restaurants where at both, the lines are entirely too long. However, the Country Club is in a very nice setting with some pretty good food & hot waitresses.  
Soboba also has a 12,000 seat pavillion where they have concerts, a 4th of July fireworks show (which oddly, actually takes place on the 2nd or 3rd of July) & MMA King of the Cage fights. This is usually what attracts visitors to the Casino, I do not really know why anyone else would be out there. Especially with Casino Morongo right down the street.  
Soboba is absolutely horrible for non-smokers! The tent is filled with smoke sometimes so thick it’s hard to see through. but… most people do not  go to a casino & expect a non-smoking environment. The casino has about 2000 slot machines & about 20 table games. The gaming is excellent I’ve never walked away with less money than I started with. Most of the slots are 1 2 & 5 cent It’s definitely a search to find the open 25 cent slots. 
The majority of the visitors to Soboba Casino are older, (The surrounding community is mostly senior citizens.) or what seems like meth junkies. I wouldn’t travel to the casino at night. alone as the area surrounding the casino is all hills & on an Indian reservation… where alot of stuff happens but the law enforcement out there is too lazy to investigate. 
Gaming is for those 21 & up, be sure to have your ID’s ready because there are security guards at the door actively checking for valid ID like I said most of the patrons are older so if you look young they’ll definitely want to see it. They also have a Valet service… the parking lot is actually pretty small though but in 100+ degree heat it is a nice feature. 
The closest city to the casino is San Jacinto, which is an older city with limited lodging about 11 miles from the 10 freeway. If you’re visiting Soboba Casino, the gaming is great, it’s just not a place to sit back & relax for a vacation.

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