About Us

Welcome, so you want to know a little about us huh?

Well, in early 2010 I set out to review every large land based casino in the United States. As a long time social gambler both offline and online, I wanted to create a new hobby that I could enjoy, while maybe picking up a little extra blogging income along the way. After personally visiting every casino in both California and Nevada I knew this would be to large of a task for me to ever complete on my own, but I had come to far to give up. While I started with the goal of only writing about the larger online casinos, enlisting the help of others made it possible to review even the smallest ones. Now when I say land based casinos, I really mean land based, as there are also a lot of riverboat casinos, that we have not yet reviewed. We have also opted not to review the handful of slots in a gas station casinos, as we consider those gas stations with games, not full casinos. But as far as land based goes, we have covered every state with the exception of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is our final state and we will have a complete list of reviews.

Our writers include individuals from all over the United States, and we try to keep them fact based. Some of our reviews will later receive feedback from patrons who have visited the casino and would like to add something, and we try our best to incorporate their feedback into the reviews, often as a direct quote.

From the land based reviews we then went on to review online casinos, and provide a gambling news section. Below is a list of our main sections of this website, with a little information about each;

Land Based Casino Reviews
Well, we offer a lot of content but so far our biggest undertaking is our land based casino reviews. As you can see from this page, we break down casinos by state and then by city. We have compiled a list of every land based casino located in the United States and offer a review on nearly every one.

Learn to Play
Next we have our learn to play section, where we offer easy to follow instructions for each game, along with a flash tutorial. You will find the most popular casino games on this page, and with our easy to use hands on flash tutorials, you are sure to learn the games in no time.

Online Casinos
Our next big task was to complete a list of the most popular and respected online casinos, sorted by software type. Not only are the casinos sorted by software platform, but they are clearly marked with a Y or N for accepting US players, or not.

Gambling News
Lastly, our gambling news section offers the latest in both land based and online gaming news, with both text and weekly video reports.

Alternatively if you are looking for something that is no longer here, you may check out Archived Reviews section. As we are constantly updating out site to help provide users with the most relevant information we at times more outdated information to are archived section to make room for newer information.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us 🙂 If you have any other questions, we love to answer friendly emails as you are able to contact us directly here.