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The Casino Chat is not just any ordinary review guide to gambling on the internet. It inherently contains all the necessary information on the largest online and land-based casinos legitimately operating today.

Online Casino Reviews

We are a dynamic team of online and land-based casino experts, analysts and customers who aim to present high- quality reviews that are both up-to-date and credible. Many of our reviews are written by customers or amended by customer feedback. We are a dynamic team of online and land-based casino experts, analysts and customers who aim to present high- quality reviews that are both up-to-date and credible. Many of our reviews are written by customers or amended by customer feedback. However, every article is screened for the highest standards of honesty and factual exposition of the truth. Compared to other online review sites, The Casino Chat takes pride in providing a platform for both online and land-based casinos, where they are presented in the most objective manner, without unwanted bias or prejudice. This simply proves the drive of the website to become the most credible reference of people who aspire to partake in the genuine casino entertainment experience. We verify each online casino for security, fairness and accreditation according to eCOGRA. Further, you will be able to securely visit and download the online casinos we deem the best, and most secure for wagering real money online. Additional information about each casino will be made available via the external links at the end of every land based and online casino review. Our in-depth reviews cover online casinos, land based gaming, bingo halls and poker rooms. Not only will we make sure each casino meets its legal requirements, we will also be looking at the quality of the establishments in terms of reputation, atmosphere, location, bonuses and minimum age to play. Additionally our land based reviews will provide information on restaurants, players club, night club and hotels. United States players will want to be specifically diligent when researching online casino reviews due to the fact that they are regulated outside of US jurisdiction. With that said there are plenty of US-friendly casinos that have a long standing relationship with US players.

Online Casino Reviews

When searching for an online casino, you want to rest assured that you are doing business with a company that has a history of being reputable and fair. Like with any financial transaction or purchase you may make online, you will want to look for reviews on any company you are unfamiliar with. The same goes for gaming. Players will be able to research just about any point of the casino to ensure that it not only meets their standards and preferences, but many other regulations set fourth by the casino’s certification company. There are many different choices out there for online casinos, however not every casino can be trusted. We’re here to guide you to well known online casinos with great player history. Each of our online casino reviews will feature the different games each casino has to offer and software information. The support information is also available as well as the hours of operation.

Land Based Casino Reviews

We pride ourselves on being one of the only sites with a complete list of nearly every land based casino in the United States. We feel our land based reviews are a really great way to get to know what to expect before visiting a casino. Whether it’s a casino at a destination you’re traveling to, or one in your neighborhood, you’re bound to learn a thing or two from one of our many reviews. Land based casinos often offer a player’s club with promotions that differ widely between establishments. Many players often do not know that the players clubs are free and welcome all players who are within the age requirements of the casino. Other things a visitor may learn about is the amenities each casino has to offer. Before you take your next trip, visit our reviews page and you may just learn something new.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

The Casino Chat team is in content negotiation with online casino managers to give you the very best online casino bonuses and promotions. Our main goal is to beat out what our competitor sites are able to offer. While half of this is dedicated to keeping current with the latest online casino reviews, news, promotions and the ever changing gambling events, the other half is true negotiation. For this reason we have staff members dedicated to seeking out the best promotions, and then pushing for a little more! Thus, the reason we built an the Casino Bonus Offers section, where all of the updated promotions or bonus codes from the different online casinos are listed and featured. All of the coupons and their respective casinos are displayed on this page in a grid-like easy to access fashion. Generally, the promotions in this section are divided into four categories: No Deposit Casino Coupons, Deposit Match Bonuses, Welcome Bonus and Free Spins.

Play For Fun / Real Money Online Slots

Here you will find almost 50 different games. Each casino game has a flash tutorial that will allow you play while you learn. Each tutorial offers a flash game, rules, history of the game, and a ‘play for fun’, with the option to play online for real money! Learning to play a game is as easy as it sounds. Some players prefer to just jump into a game and learn as they go, others prefer to actually read all about the gaming choices available and select the one that sounds the most appealing. Though some games seem self-explanatory there are even slots that may need some explaining. You are able to play along in ‘play money mode’ with a realistic version of the software that doesn’t require any kind of download or sign-up. This gives the player a chance to learn a little about the game before wagering real money.

The Gambling News Section

Another useful feature of this casino review site is its news section. The gambling news section is a page designed to deliver the most up-to-date news the gambling industry has to offer. With the ultimate goal of providing viewers adequate information on the latest trends, advancements, and development in the world of casinos, we at TheCasinoChat continue to strive to deliver quality articles and information worldwide. Our news system is maintained and updated regularly, such that only the freshest and most recent news articles are displayed on the main page. Furthermore, this section caters to news for both online and land-based casinos. Having said all this, indeed the site has remained true to its mission of increasing the awareness of prospective gambling patrons through the simple gesture of feeding their gambling information needs.

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